How I Made My First Billion

By: readtheticker | Sun, Oct 21, 2012
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How I Made My First Billion

Two videos by successful traders that prove the current world of central bank manipulation is a fantastic play ground for those that can trade. Simple reason is the massive swings of price action as price discovery is very much distorted.

POINT: Every thing in life is a trade. The education you select, the person you marry, how many kids you have, the job path you select, the life style you select. Consider the research these folks under go before they make their trade.

Trader 1

Comment: Kiwifruit in New Zealand is having a hard time (PSA troubles). Farming does have it risk from nature. Plus a huge risk to farming is the level of water supply and pollination (ie bees) and research on these topics should be considered also. Farming is a boom and bust if there ever was one.

Trader 2

Comment: This video is an excellent analysis of the history of bubbles. So are there any bubbles available to exploit. Maybe the housing market in Australia, the US bond market, fiat currency, MBA qualification or Apple Inc.




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