Hope and Change - Deviant Version

By: GE Christenson | Mon, Nov 19, 2012
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Skip the politics, and show me the money! This is not a discussion about the hollow political slogan "Hope and Change" or a discussion about the successes and failures of either the Democratic or Republican administrations.

The Old Version of Hope!

(Hope is all that remains when you have no plan, no clue, and no useful ideas.)

The Old Version of Change!

Real Hope and Real Change!

There is no such thing as something for nothing - contrary to what most of us hope. Read Something For Nothing?

If you want to banish the useless sort of hope from your investment thinking, read HOPIUM! Addicted to This Emotional Drug in Your Retirement Investing?


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GE Christenson

Author: GE Christenson

GE Christenson aka Deviant Investor

GE Christenson

I am a retired accountant and business manager who has 30 years of experience studying markets, investing, and trading futures and stocks. I have made and lost money during my investing career, and those successes and losses have taught me about timing markets, risk management, government created inflation, and market crashes. I currently invest for the long term, and I swing trade (in a trade from one to four weeks) stocks and ETFs using both fundamental and technical analysis. I offer opinions and commentary, but not investment advice.

Years ago I did graduate work in physics (all but dissertation) so I strongly believe in analysis, objective facts, and rational decisions based on hard data. I currently live in Texas with my wife. Previously, I spent 20 years in Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost community in the United States, 330 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

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