Reach Your 2013 and Beyond Portfolio Goals

By: Steve Bauer | Thu, Dec 27, 2012
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Just Three Areas You Must Consider - and - DO:

First: Sit down with some of you Broker / Portfolio Paperwork and - Define Your Goals.

Few investors that I have ever visited with have ever done this simple exercise. It gives you a perspective, hopefully realistic perspective, and also gives you a target. That is why I often use the graphic of Arrows hitting the Bulls Eye.

Second: This may be difficult for some of you but you must paint a picture in your mind of what it will likely take on your part and perhaps from the guidance of a professional.

You already have experienced both good and bad performance in the management of your assets. The "picture" should be easier to paint if you will concentrate on both of those experiences. I often pose the question of WHY? Answering this question for "Why the negative performance - and Why the positive performance" will be a big help.

Third: What strategy are you comfortable with. There are many investment strategies being propounded by the financial blogging community and financial media. Most of those strategies are not going to give you what you are seeking in the above First and Second little exercises. You should know that by now if you are a serious reader and perhaps follower of some of the articles and authors here in

This suggestion is very important to your meeting your goals. STOP reading more than three authors. It is impossible for the human mind to absorb all that information and data and be able to then sort it out logically. There are generalist authors, they are ok to read but even then your mind will quickly reach saturation / over-load and you will never meet the "Defined Your Goals" in my first suggestion.

Smile, Have Fun - "Investing Wisely,"



Steve Bauer

Author: Steve Bauer

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