Apple Inc Has No Buyers, Yet!

By: readtheticker | Mon, Jan 14, 2013
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Apple Inc stock is on sale, 20% off, buy now win a chicken dinner! Yes Apple Inc stock float is on sale but where are the buyers. Is there a margin worm in the apple?

Six months ago if you write a blog post in a negative way about Apple Inc and the 'Apple Dogma' crowd sent you very well worded emails of how wrong you are. In love they are, with a pretty product! Shucks! Sure a good company, sure a great balance sheet, but at what price. It seems the market is still working that out as negative margin pressure is attacking the well respected product line.

For the retail investor to buying within the current consolidation is fraught with risk, because there is no sign that the institutions are making a stand (Wyckoff: Sign of Strength), so until they do, you had better not.

The Wyckoff accumulation pattern that is followed by a bullish break out has yet to under go a sign of strength from the bulls. No buyers here yet !

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