The Economic Zombie Apocalypse

By: Gary Gibson | Tue, Mar 12, 2013
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The end of civilization is already here. Most of humanity has been turned into an unthinking mass of economic zombies that are looking to feast on the still living flesh of the few survivors. This may explain the increasing popularity or obsession with all things zombie. From fiction to pub crawls, the zombie apocalypse seems to be on a lot of minds, probably as an unconcious manifestation of economic reality.

According to Clemson University professor Sarah Lauro in a recent AP article:

We are more interested in the zombie at times when as a culture we feel disempowered. And the facts are there that, when we are experiencing economic crises, the vast population is feeling disempowered. ... Either playing dead themselves ... or watching a show like "Walking Dead" provides a great variety of outlets for people.

If you were to ask the participants, I don't think that all of them are very cognizant of what they're saying when they put on the zombie makeup and participate. To me, it's such an obvious allegory. We feel like, in one way, we're dead.

The growing popularity of the genre, along with the popularity of these zombie crawls, may reflect something deeper about people in general. Sure, the average brainwashed Westerner doesn't understand liberty or economics. But they sense something is amiss. They may not know enough to blame the state and its violent interference for their economic condition. But many people probably sense that they are economically the walking dead.

It started with just a few welfare queens in the form of lobbying corporations and the poor who live on the poisonous drug of the dole.

SNAP Program Cost in Millions Per Year

Americans on food stamps: One way to measure zombie population growth

Not only has the number of dole zombies drastically increased, but now the zombie infection has spread and taken hold of just about everyone in the Western world. There are zombies everywhere you look. On average the individual American has:

But it's not just debt weighing these people down. What's possibly worse is that they also have no clue how to generate wealth on their own. They may be able to take orders, but starting new ventures, figuring out market demand and profiting from filling it? Fat chance. They have varying degrees of dependence on either the government or on an employer the government is trying to snuff out under mountains of new regulations and taxes. Or they're employed by bigger corporate zombie beasts.

Regulation Nation

The state with its fascistic, socialistic, communisitic nature will always end up with a moribund economy filled with a bunch of debt-wracked, dependency-minded drones, individuals and corporate monsters who can't adapt and can't produce: the mothers on the dole, the laid off worker with obsolete skills on unemployment, the debt-laden budding communist with a degree in medieval art or gender studies, the "too big to fail" manufacturers who can't produce anything the market really wants...

Zombie apocalyptic fiction reflects our fear that our neighbors will en masse turn into hordes of mindless collectivist devourers capable only of tearing civilization apart. Zombies just aren't scary as individuals or in a small group. Sure they are sad and depressing, wandering around as murderous, dim-witted shadows of their former selves. But they just aren't that dangerous unless they vastly outnumber the local population of living humans. Thus the most effective zombie fiction always takes the apocayptic route in which for every still-living human, there are at least a hundred times as many ravenous undead.

And that's precisely where we are today. If you are productive and forward-thinking, you are being surrounded by growing numbers of those who want to eat you. Take steps to innoculate yourself against the infection and the infected here.



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Gary Gibson

Author: Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson, Editor
The Dollar Vigilante

Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson, The Dollar Vigilante's Editor, cut his teeth writing for liberty and profit as the managing editor of the now-defunct Whiskey & Gunpowder financial newsletter. He now writes for and edits The Dollar Vigilante. In his capacity as managing editor of TDV's monthly subscription letter TDV Homegrown, Gary insists on playing Russian Roulette by basing himself in the USSA heartland. He braves arctic blasts and black helicopters so he can round up content on how the TDV readers stuck in the USSA can best survive and profit in the increasingly turbulent times in the morally and financially bankrupt empire.

For most of his adult life Gary had the typical left-leaning worldview you might expect from someone in his demographic. Then he read "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country" by Peter McWilliams and things started to change. Then Gary learned about silver as an investment and his appreciation for human liberty comingled with a new understanding of sound money and Austrian economics to give birth to a bona fide libertarian.

A series of happy accidents took Gary away from the phone company job he'd held since college and into the world of newsletter publishing. His economic bias and breezy writing style landed him a gig as managing editor of the liberty-themed and now defunct economic newsletter Whiskey & Gunpowder formerly published by Agora Financial.

This job would bring him into life-changing contact with Doug Casey whose writings pushed Gary over the edge into full blown anarchism (the real kind of the capitalist sort). Doug also introduced Gary to Jeff Berwick. Jeff spent roughly a year trying to convince Gary to follow the example set by both Doug and Jeff and get out of the US.

The relentless government horrors of 2012, culminating with Obamacare and the kidnapping of Brandon Raub, finally convinced Gary to take Jeff up on his offer to join The Dollar Vigilante team in Acapulco. From there he plans to travel the world -- or at least the freer parts of the world in Latin America and Southeast Asia -- to get a boots-on-the-ground perspective for other vigilantes looking for new opportunities outside the crumbling West in general and the USA in particular.

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