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By: Ian Thijm | Wed, Aug 7, 2013
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In my 7/27 blog post, I had a 7/26-29 Time and Cycles (T&C) Cluster Change in Trend (CIT), which became the 7/26 Low.

From my 7/27 T&C weekend Email: "Short Term: 7/26-29L, rally into 8/2-5 Highs".

S&P500 Chart
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Actual: We made a 7/26 Low and rallied into Friday 8/2 High at 1709.67 SPX, which was the 8/5 Solar CIT High and right into triple trend line resistance. The 4/26/10H-5/2/11H major trend line held back the recent 5/22/13 rally High and more recently the 8/2/13 All time Highs.

What's next: We should now decline into my next T&C Cluster CIT and make a major Low of the Month.



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My first experience with the Stock-markets was during my MBA in August 1987, right before the 87 crash. Needless to say I fell in love with the markets and studied everything I could on Timing and Cycles in the Markets, including Gann, Bayer, Baumring, Astrology, Geometry, etc. Although I loved the markets, the markets didn't love me the 1st 7 years. Then I found a unique "Ezekiel Wheel" (Symmetry Point Cycle) based on the works of James Brock and in October 1994, I turned $5000 into over $112,000 in one month. I thought I had found the Golden Key to unlock all the market profits, but the markets again humbled me. I spent the next 7 years studying and researching various unique Time and Cycle methods. Then in June 2000, I met my Partner and I became a full time Investment Manager. Life, like Markets goes through Cycles and the next 7 years, I had the most valuable, enriching lessons in my life with Markets, People and managing Money. It was very enlightening. This brings us to the present day, where I feel the need to share and teach what I have learned and that is what this blog and website is all about. I hope it is worthwhile to you.

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