Of New Indians and Golden Buffalo

By: Alex Wallenwein | Sun, May 15, 2005
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Will the Dollar Go the Way of the Buffalo?

No, it won't. It already has.

As the original buffalo have been replaced with genetically engineered, hormone-stuffed milking cows, so has the original currency of the United States - gold and silver - been replaced with a lifeless, submissive substitute that can be artificially pumped-up and that molds itself to the will of its creators.

The descendants of ethnic European-Americans have become the new Indians.

Their country is being invaded from the South, not the East, and their dead "buffalo herds" are not live animals - but are represented by the disemboweled dollar. But otherwise, the comparison very much stands.

They are being hunted down by the soldiers of world-wide socialism, moral debauchery, and political correctness.

Their own government officials - though ethnically still largely of their own stock - are the traitor "Indian scouts" of the new Amerika.

Their religion, Protestant Christianity, is in the process of being outlawed as "too belligerent." It's too belligerent for the tastes of the invading hordes, who'd prefer old-stock European Americans to be rather docile - and accepting of their new fate. "Resistance is futile" is constantly being whispered into their ears by the media-complex' high-tech smoke signals.

The real "buffalo" (gold and silver as currency) is long dead, now. It was mortally wounded by FDR in 1933 and finished off by Nixon in 1971. Today, foreign currency traders are the vultures that circle above the rotting carcasses strewn accross the plains.

Like their Indian predecessors, the new Indians are vainly attacking the invading wagon trains of new age "spiritualism", of the "culture of death", of "liberalism", of mind-numbing political correctness, and of a host of other, even more insidious foes. But their doom is sealed

- unless they manage to bring back the golden buffalo.

The fact that the European invaders are now suffering the same fate as that of the Indians they used to persecute during the big push to the West may hold a certain amount of satisfaction for the Indians' modern day descendants - but that satisfaction is sorely misplaced.

For, what's at stake here is freedom - the very thing Native Americans used to fight for. The problem is that the White Europeans' loss of it will not translate into Native Americans' gain this time around.

Wherever the armies of socialism and political correctness tread, no grass will grow, nor anything else that is truly alive. When the spirit dies, everything dies - and spirit surely is on the first list of casualties wherever Socialism - or its Jekyll and Hyde-like alter ego, Communism - take over.

So, what will the new Indians do? How will they bring the golden buffalo back?

Will they try a modern day, religious revival meeting, their own version of a "ghost-dance" (possibly with its own version of the old Wounded Knee massacre?)

Will it be as a result of the systemic crash of the disemboweled dollar reserve system?

Or will they privately nurse a few gold currency specimens and try to circulate and promote them into widespread use?

Can it be done through a combination of the above? Can they call together their own "ghost dance" while simultaneously nursing a true gold currency back to life in preparation for the inevitable demise of the dollar reserve?

The trouble, though, lies not with how they will do it, but rather with whether they will do it.

As we speak, these "white Indians" have forgotten their heritage. They forgot about the buffalo (and almost about freedom itself!) and are rather content renting and herding other people's (the Fed's) interest producing, genetically engineered, hormone-stuffed, counterfeit milking cows.

They are perfectly happy placing bets on the "new white man"s (the international bankers and corporate conglomerates that finance world socialism) milk-bottling corporation, while frothing at their mouth on the mere prospect of getting paid in counterfeit milking cows. To them, cows are wealth now. The buffalo are dead and forgotten, remnants of a bygone era.

Therein lies the problem.

The new Indians have grown accustomed to their land allotments and reservations (which are fast beginning to more and more resemble plantations rather than reservations), and their cow-milking jobs. They think this is "their" plantation - but little do they know that they are nothing but working stiffs for the true plantation owners - who operate from behind closed corporate boardroom doors.

The owners constantly lie about meeting and exceeding their milk production quotas, and the white Indians are falling all over themselves in trying to buy shares of that great big corporation in the sky, and paying the "Great White Father" in Washington the "bovine tax" - his share of their milking cows. All the while, the true owners are dumping their shares into that very market demand - because they know what's coming.

The owners have created this mess, and they know when the chickens are coming home to roost - but their blue and white-collared working stiffs don't have a clue. They even get hostile when some of the more prudent Indians want to bring up the subject of the old buffalo: "Hey, I've got cows to eat and milk to drink" they sneer. "Just leave me alone with your old wives' tales!"

Well, it turns out that old wives are sometimes wiser than perpetual teenagers with no perspective, no sense of value, and no clue of history - which tends to repeat itself ever so often.

Got buffalo?


Author: Alex Wallenwein

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