Expanding on the Work of George Lindsay

By: Ed Carlson | Tue, Aug 27, 2013
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Since first discovering the work of George Lindsay I have been trying to expand upon it. Most attempts have resulted in an afternoon I will never get back. Others have survived for months only to get set aside upon the discovery of something more appealing. This week I want to share an idea I've been working on and we can all discover together if it's an idea worth keeping.

Lindsay's concept of the Middle Section was meant to call long term highs and lows in the market but I have found hundreds of examples in which centering the count upon turning points other than the prescribed highs and lows of basic cycles has managed to call short term market turns. Unfortunately, not all attempts to do so have been successful...

Lindsay wrote (rather cryptically) of a concept he called Middle Section chains. I have never found a real explanation of the concept but having already made a thorough study of his methods I believe chains to be equidistant intervals separating highs and lows (short term as well as significant inflection points) which occasionally terminate at point E or point C of a Middle Section. Similar to the way an electric power transmission line is interspersed with transformers.

Combining the two concepts has me looking for a low in equities on 8/28/13 followed by a high on 9/11/12.

We'll find out this week if this works (at least if it works this time).

Looking for a low in equities
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Looking for a High in Equities
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