The Short Term Bottom In The Precious Metal Sector Is Almost Here

By: Jon Kopel | Sun, Dec 15, 2013
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This Monday we will see a sharp drop in the metals. I expect GDX to hit 20.5 (or a little lower). Gold and silver will probably retest the late June lows. The good news (for the bulls) is that this will mark a short term bottom. By 1/5/2014 I expect GDX to go to 25-27 by that date. I expect GLD to go to around 130 and SLV to about 22.

After that I expect another retest of the lows by 2/11/2014. From there I expect another sharp rally to about the same point as 1/5/2014 with GDX to 25-27, GLD to about 130 and SLV to about 22. After that I again see another correction but am not sure how low it will go. So it seems we may be forming a large base from here that will last until July of next year. Then (and only then) will we be "off to the races" higher. Then there will be a long and powerful final (and eventually parabolic) 5th leg higher. These predictions are based on my analysis using vedic astrology.

This info is for traders. Of course if the gold/silver is not in your posession -- YOU DON'T OWN IT.



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