Buyer Exhaustion Approaching

By: readtheticker | Sat, Jan 18, 2014
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Stretched like a rubber band

No matter what the human activity is, humans tie of it, and will seek a break before resuming. Traders are getting tired of buying, resulting in a stretched market that will attract selling.

Sure, selling can be soaked up with time (sideways) or of course it can be punished with time and price (down swing).

The Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index is one to watch, it is made up of industrial, consumer discretionary and materials type stocks (with only 1 bank). It is a index with a large factor of truth for the trend watchers. The chart below shows Gann boxes of 400 points each, and at the moment we are approaching the end of the 3rd box that should attract profit taking (no one is saying crash, as no one can).

Stay frosty, better prices for buyers are coming.

Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index Chart
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Investing Quote...

"Keep the number of stocks you own to a controllable number. It is hard to herd cats, and it is hard to track many securities. Take your losses quickly and do not brood about them. Try to learn from them but mistakes are as inevitable as death." ~ Jesse Livermore

"If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians." ~ Warren Buffett




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