Treading Lightly: No Tired Track for 2014

By: Wilfred Hahn | Tue, Feb 25, 2014
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After a rather cathartic start to the year (equity markets tumbling at the fastest pace in years) markets are again romping to the tune of the now familiar, well-told story. While we celebrate new equity market highs, we think the old story is tired; looking more like a re-tread here in early 2014. Why? Crucially, because the global financial story is changing. We therefore now need to be looking ahead ... not warming our old convictions on the hopes of a passing story.

But first, let's review the soothing story that still seems to be warming everyone's cockles.

Here are its major tenants and beliefs:

It has been a great script. Not because it holds much causal or theoretical credibility, but because it has been joyously believed. Somewhat dangerously, there's no one left to convert to this perspective. Mostly everyone is confident.

Never before have financial markets been as complicit with the bidding of the central banks. Its players are in collusion with the narrative that the central banks want to create, each signaling to the other that they must play together to create a rising wealth effect -- the biggest unhinged financial bubble of some time.

It's a colossal experiment that at some point will end up unfortunately, in one way or another. We identify current conditions as a renewed financial bubble that carries uncompensated risks. That's why we have been maintaining a cautious stance in our portfolios. Timing and judging the possible extent of over-exuberance is always problematic. Nevertheless, we think there will be rewards for the prudent and patient. It has always worked out that way before.

Just what is the new story? It holds some very significant shifts. These, in part, we think, will recognize the unsustainability of the past tenants as well as patent theoretical falsehoods.

Here is the new story that we perceive is coming on the scene:

The most serious misreading is the inflation regime. Overindebtedness, secular shifts , and the impact of technology betray an underlying disinflation (even deflationary) influence despite what central banks may wish to do. There is no way that profit growth can continue indefinitely in such an environment. The cash economy, in nominal terms, is being gradually squeezed.

Crucially, emerging markets are now (have been) the world's locomotive. Once upon a time, the world relied up the U.S. as its economic engine. When it pulled out of the station, so did the rest of the world's economies ... eventually. Right now, the U.S. is adding a slowing influence upon rest-of-world GDP growth. Post the Global Financial Crisis, China and other less-advanced nations contributed two-thirds of world GDP growth. That period (for now) is over. This is a critical difference.

Yes, we too want to believe that the old story will continue indefinitely. But, more than that, we want to make sure that our clients aren't vulnerable to yet another reckless, feckless financial bubble ... remarkably, the third one in 15 years.

We may risk missing the last "high risk" returns that are being extracted from libidinous investor enthusiasm (misplaced as we believe that it is). However, as our track record well proves, it's how much one keeps during the inclement financial times that is a major determinant of long-term returns.

The third financial bubble in 15 years is underway at present. No one can really know how far it may yet expand. The extremities of human emotions and possible policy responses really cannot be forecast in 2014. What we do know for certain is that overall investment risks have again risen. Our current investment policies have been adjusted accordingly. We remain broadly and globally diversified, holding some insurance as well as relying on higher yields.



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