Kentucky Fried Reality

By: John Mackenzie | Fri, Jun 24, 2005
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The Financial Media is making claims they should not even begin to rationalize.

Our Fabians overlords at the Council on Foreign Relations have been exceptionally vocal for the past several months; spreading amorphous stories of doom and gloom. Every tier of financial disinformation is laced with a representative's warning of impending catastrophe.

This society of turtles believes in the creation of their own reality. We will be forced to live within their world view, a utopian fallacy as old as the ages. Recently, an item appeared regarding the Supreme Court's backing of property seizures, allowing Cities usurping land for private developers, all in the name of eminent domain for urban revitalization.

Ugh, another nail in the United States Constitution coffin.

Most of us clearly understand that most laws have nothing to do with individual rights, but instead acknowledge the politically expedient and self-serving nature of their intent. Laws are a reflection of our culture; we are clearly able to see how our way of life is progressing through our Judicial system.

Rome was an incredibly just society throughout most of its empire, it was not until the moral decay began that the 'justness' followed suit. Most laws are absurd, especially the ones that invade our right to self determination and individualism. Like everything else in this day and age, morality no longer looks upon the consequences of its inaction.

Instead, it is lost in a sea of secular division. Unity, is no longer considered applicable, division is desired. The United States owes its freedoms and independence to beyond the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Liberty's cost is measured in lives, it always has been. Politicians parenthetically attempt to circumvent our stated rights daily, when it cannot be done in the light of day; it is accomplished in the shadows.

The Patriot and Homeland Security Acts are such shadowy documents.

They were created out of fear and not to protect us from those outside the gates, but those inside making ruinous decisions that will no doubt, cause severe blowback.

GOLD performs a mirror image of the decay; its value is simply derived from the uncertainty that surrounds us. It thrives in times such as those we are facing presently. In looking back throughout History it is exceptionally difficult to find a time when things were so uncertain. On a relative basis, prior to the industrial age, there were many instances of unknown, but never have we faced the degree of threats associated with the ascension human abilities.

Our planet can shake us off without blinking, we are merely inhabitants, yet we behave as though we are entitled to this existence. Our hubris will be tested in the coming millennium; of this I personally have little doubt.

Do what you can to prepare yourself for the challenging times ahead and although it is daunting, consider this, you are not alone. Community is THE Key to remediation of our failures.


Author: John Mackenzie

John Mackenzie

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