Golden Double Cross and Gold Miner Breadth Oscillator

By: Denaliguide Summit | Mon, Mar 24, 2014
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Daily and Weekly GIMBO's, (analysis P.2)


Just like one of the hopeless heroines ("Reign", Episode 13) in a TV series I think we the PM Investing Public have been nakedly screwed in front of the entire world, looking on and snickering as we lie there supine and helpless as the KING OF FRAUDS, CRIMEX, IMO, has his way with us. The KING of FRAUDS has been painting a picture for everyone to see, whilst debauching every PM Investor with every price it paints.

Have we been so abused we no longer have the capacity for OUTRAGE?

RAPE, in any shape, fashion or form is ABUSE, and I can tell you, first hand, having been in the "recovery" business, NO ONE EVER DESERVES ABUSE. Death, maybe. ABUSE, NOT. I am not going to point fingers here, as many of us have our personal choice for the villains responsible for this in mind.

Simply take a look at the graphic evidence I present and then evaluate some of the questions it poses.

Please note the RCM Inventory Receipts (MNT.To) price has been adjusted by US currency pricing for comparison, as an honest Gold price proxy not dependent upon CRIMEX or London fixes but rather market action. The difference between PM Investors and Mary, Queen of Scots, is that we a have never been kissed, and the abuse continues daily.

Gold Daily Chart
MNT.TO:USD Daily Chart


The SHORT ANSWER IS the CRIMEX is PAINTING a Picture for you. IMO it is INSIDIOUS and a FRAUD, as the price on the RIGHT HAND SIDE is the price for PAPER Contracts, but accepted as the Gold Metal price on the LEFT HAND chart, which may point to why there is a Golden Cross as of Feb 26, 2014 on the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Inventory Reserve (REAL METAL).

I dont know where your outrage is but I know mine is cold and determined, to level the playing field for investors.

My suspicion is that the numerous GOLDEN CROSSES so referred to in the victory-starved PM Investor and Adviser communities will reverse, abort and retrench, pending the end of this correction, whereupon the black "Doom & Gloom" clinical depression will return to the delight of the CRIMEX & PTB until the PM Complex breakout out again, whereupon 99.9% of PM Positive investors will be filled with fear an caution, again to the delight of those who gain by it, and our 0.1% of Investors that will catch this turn.

Gold Miner Index Oscillators Analytics

Full Charts

GDM Daily Chart
GDM Weekly Chart
Hui Gold Bugs Index Daily Chart
Hui Gold Bugs Index Weekly Chart

Right now I see the Weekly & Daily Top Panel of STOCHASTICS a bit scary as they both are declining in the same position and speed. On the Reality front, it seems both the GDX and HUI, will stop on support based on the gaps on the next page. As well on this page I have roughed in the Speed Resistance Lines on the charts below to give you an idea of where to look as time progresses, rather than an absolute support level not related to TIME (in case PUTIN gets another bright idea or OBAMA grows a brain).

So I'd not be surprised if we find ourselves diving to Line #1 on either charts.

In Either CASE, the TREND continues.

Gold Miner Index Analytics

You may well note the numerous GOLDEN CROSSES likely will retreat during this correction, later to recross.

I re-issue the GAP FILL ZONE Charts for the HUI an GDX so investors have a sense of where they are.

I have illustrated the GAP FILL ZONES below:



Denaliguide Summit

Author: Denaliguide Summit

Denaliguide Summit

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