SP500, Things Happen in Threes

By: readtheticker | Thu, Mar 27, 2014
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The Jim Hurst cycle traders trade the big swings, by using the half cycle for timing. However as in life, things happen in threes.

Readtheticker.com has a hard rule. Never, ever pick a top. However this does not mean you can not expect a consolidation period (distribution) that in all possibility may lead to a market top (it is in the fine print, call the lawyers HA!).

Beware of the Kitchin Cycle peak on a three count, especially as the peaks are a neat 7 years span. Spooky. Get the feeling that if stocks roll over in 2014 (any time between March and Oct) hard metals like gold will find new strength.

There are two cycle formats in the chart, a FIXED (Kitchin) and a ADAPTIVE (RTTHurstDPO). The adaptive cycle takes into account the ability of price to conform to the cycle, the more it does the more the cycle looks like an attractive swing.

Please survive 2014. All the TV Money managers are using words like choppy or volatile for expectations of 2014, when they should be using words like: loss making, financial destruction and bad!

S&P 500 Index Chart
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"Frequent requests are made for the name of someone who will teach the Art of Tape Reading. I do not know of anyone able to read the tape with profit who is willing to become an instructor. The reason is very simple. Profits from the tape far exceed anything that might be earned by charging tuition fees to his students. Its simple economics" ~ Richard D Wyckoff

"If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians" ~ Warren Buffett


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