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By: Joseph Palmer | Fri, Jul 8, 2005
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As we approach the coming financial crisis, whether it is to be hyperinflation, deflation, or a flatulent combination of the two, the questions that must be answered are, what can we do to avoid it and what will we replace the current system with?

I think that by now it is fairly clear that the answer to the first question is: nothing. Perhaps in the late 70's or early 80's steps could have been taken that would have allowed us to at least have the Constitutional Dollar to do business with, if we so chose, but now, any step is fraught with danger. Were the Congress to seriously consider monetary reform (yes, I too would look out the windows to see the flying pigs), this would be seen as an indicator of trouble and no doubt bring the crisis upon us that much sooner. On the other hand, were legislation passed that would make it any easier for the public to get its hands on gold or silver, allowing people to convert to real money when the crisis starts would be used by the Fiat Fiends as further "evidence" that gold and silver caused the problem. We seem to have no choice but to face the coming disaster as is; time for legislative preparation or cure has long since past.

The answer to the second question needs far more attention. Now, the World Wide Web is replete with anything from informal suggestions to proposed bills like the Monetary Reform Act to the National Economic Stabilization And Recovery Act, as replacements to our current fiat system. That is not the kind of attention that I mean. When the country and the Congress finally wake up to the fact that the Federal Reserve needs to go, there will be one window of opportunity for a solution. After that, modifications to that solution will be all that is allowed. Those of us who understand that real money must be at the center of our financial system and that banks must be kept under a strong boot, have to speak with one voice. If we fail to organize, if we falter on the way due to petty bickering, we will fail our children and the trust passed on to us by the Founding Fathers. Our children's children will shake their heads at the thought of what we could have accomplished.

In an effort to start the discussion and lend some organization to it, I propose the following.
- Congressman Ron Paul and his Liberty Caucus should be approached with the request for a forum to discuss the "new" money and financial system.
- To the Liberty Caucus should be given the final bill in preparation for use at the appropriate time.
- For the sake of unity, to limit the discussion to Constitutional options.
- At the same time, recognize that one can never, and should never go back, but step forward into the future with a system that has all the benefits of the old, and fewer of its drawbacks.
- Knowing that the fight to bring back paper money will start the day after the new system is put into place, the lessons of history must be recognized, and steps taken to avoid those same mistakes in the future.


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