11/13/14 and The Inverse Lindsay Method: A New Approach To Finding Exact Turn Dates for Lows

By: Daniel Watkins | Thu, Aug 14, 2014
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First, I want to thank Ed Carlson, my George Lindsay mentor, and the leader of the Lindsay renaissance. I have no business contact with Ed (or anyone). I am a private investor, a swing trader, with nothing to sell.

I have been thinking about the idea of an Inverse Lindsay Method for a long time and I have been looking for a set-up. That confluence is appearing NOW on the SPX.

My first example calls for a major low on 11/13/14. You can see the importance of the key dates in the chart below. I have not marked them for you; they should speak for themselves. You can decide for yourself if this method is worthwhile. Time will inform us both.

Now to the "Inverse Lindsay Method" with my first example. I assume the reader is familiar with the standard Lindsay methods and so will not go into the details.. If you are unfamiliar with George Lindsay's work, and would like to learn more, Ed's site is the premier site (seattletechnicaladvisors.com) for learning. Ed is a frequent poster here.

Here is the list of hits on 11/13/14:

  1. High-High-Low: 4/3/14 -> 7/24/14 -> 11/13/14
  2. 224 Calendar Day Segment: 4/3/14 + 224 = 11/13/14
  3. 107 Calendar Day Segment 7/29/14 + 107 = 11/13/14
  4. Low-To-Low: A bit short at 8/7/14 + 97. But the big decline on 7/31 gives us 105 c-days. George Lindsay did indicate that large single-day moves could be used to initiate counts.
  5. Major Astro: 11/13/14 has the best AstroCluster I have seen in years, with a direct hit on three hard aspect pairs!

11/13/14 21Sc01 8Le39 6Sc53 25Sc51 13Cp30 21Le36 25Sc20 13Ar10. 4Pi48.11Cp39

Like J.P. Morgan, Bernard Baruch, Joe Kennedy and others, I want to see powerful Astro on a date targeted by an independent system. Also note that 11/13/14 comes a week+ after an unusually important election, one which could produce serious aftershocks that could take time to absorb.

Good trading!


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