And Now, Plunge!: The SPX Lindsay Package For 9/18/14 - 9/19/14

By: Daniel Watkins | Mon, Sep 22, 2014
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1. 9/18/14 = 225 calendar days from 2/5/14. One calendar day past the Ed Carlson window of 215-225 is 9/19/14, the i/d high.

2. 9/19/14 is 102 calendar days from 6/9/14, within the George Lindsay standard Top-To-Top count window. This would also work for 9/18, since there was a weekend before 6/9/14. 6/8/14 was a key astrodate.

3. Major 226/226 Low-Low-High: 6/24/13 -> 2/5/14 -> 9/19/14. (The 2/5 turn was right on the open so it could be 225.5/225.5 and a hit on 9/18, though it doesn't really matter: close enough)

4. 9/19/14 has serious Ganniversary autoritas and this one is within a Pluto station (and a Mars square Neptune) window. If you follow Ray Merriman you know the huge importance of the Pluto cycle in these times.

Let Point 14 be 2/5/14. Please remember, the exact "ideal" never happens in real life. The "Basic Model" is a composite of many Lindsay patterns over many decades:

Basic Model: 3 Peaks and a Domed House

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