12/29/14: The Lindsay Package For A Tradable Short Term High

By: Daniel Watkins | Fri, Dec 19, 2014
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The last high date I brought here was 9/19/14, which produced that long awaited 10% correction from intraday high to intraday low.


Here is another candidate which may be tradable, though I do not expect the decline to be as sharp. But who knows?

(Note: There are many Lindsay dates. They should be considered swing trade candidates, not the end of the world or even the end of the bull market. Some are low targets. The chart pattern has to confirm dates. In this case, I need to see a sharp rally right into 12/29/14. Except for the Astro Window, these are direct hits.)

1. LLH(223/223): 10/9/13 -> 5/20/14 -> 12/29/14

2. LLH(553/553): 12/19/11 -> 6/24/13 -> 12/29/14

3. TTT: 9/15/14 + 105. The TTT count is best used as "a low between two important highs." You can see that 9/15/14 fits that description. The high before it backcounted to the 8/7/14 low; the high after it, led to the 10/15/14 low!

4. 5/20/14 + 223. This segment is part of a LLH and it was also a Ray Merriman AstroDate. It serves a dual purpose by producing a Lindsay 223 from a low. One might even argue that the 10/15/14 Ebola False Black Swan spike low, a lower low than 5/20/14, could be overlooked allowing for a much better pattern fit.

5. Astro: both of the Bradley charts I watch have turn dates nearby. They are a couple of days earlier and well within the window.

6. HL/LH(228/228) H1 Mirror Image 4/2/12 -> 11/16/12 // 5/15/14 -> 12/29/14

If any reader has supporting hits, please chime in at the "comments" section.

(Note: I have not looked for a "count from the middle section." I really do not have the time or experience or data to do that.)

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