3/16/15: Evidence For A Possible Swing Tradable High Pivot

By: Daniel Watkins | Thu, Feb 26, 2015
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1. Astro: Major Ray Merriman AstroDate with Uranus square Pluto

2. Gartley: 2/2/15 + 42 c-days -> 3/16/15 = 1.618 X 26 c-days (9/19/14 -> 10/15/14) This would produce a Gartley with a 1.618 "/" to the "\" of the "W". (See the chart below and draw it in, if you like; it would be a beauty.)

3. Event: The Monday before the anticipation of a benign FOMC on 3/17-3/18.

4. Lindsay: Full Package

* LHH (425): 11/16/12 -> 1/15/14 -> 3/16/15
* LLH (630): 10/3/11 -> 6/24/13 -> 3/16/15
* LLH (152): 5/16/14 ->10/15/14 -> 3/16/15
* TTT(105): 12/1/14 -> 3/16/15
* LH (221): 8/7/14 + 221 = 3/16/15

Except of the Ebola False Black Swan, 8/7/14 would have been the low. The 221 c-days is within GL's 218-225 preferred L->H. 12/1/14 was indeed a "low between two important highs": the high to the left went back to 10/15/14, the high to the right led to 12/16/14. See chart:

S&P500 Daily Chart

5. Moon: 3/16/15 is four days before the Total Solar Eclipse. Not quite as close as I would like, but the power of a TSE might make up for that. Also, there is a minor LLH from 12/16/14 by way of c-day/astroday 2/1/15 which hits exactly on 3/20/15. 3/20/15 also happens to be the full George Lindsay 225 c-day time segment from 8/7/14 and, at 109 from 12/1/14, is well within the GL 102-112 TTT window.

6. Quarterly Expiration Week

The possible topping window is probably best indicated as 3/18/15 (+/-2); see #5. But the best sell might be if there is a spike into 3/16/15. Otherwise, a churn for the week into 3/20/15 would make sense.

7. I have a price of SPX 2280, a major target, right on 3/16/15.

As always, my pivot ideas are subject to pattern confirmation into the date. My last post here on 1/27/15 was a miss, but no clear pattern developed into that date so it did not activate. My two posts previous to that one, targeting 9/19/14 and 12/29/14, did have confirming patterns into the dates and were direct hits.

As always when discussing Lindsay hits, I send my best regards with respect to Ed Carlson. Ed is our time's expert on Lindsay. He has done so much to explain, and expand, Lindsay's research. (I have no business connection to Ed Carlson, a frequent poster here.)

Good Luck!



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