Less than Zero

By: John Mackenzie | Fri, Sep 16, 2005
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There should be little remaining doubt as to the Precious Metals intended direction.

True North with a healthy degree of magnetic intervention along its heading; investors should hold the metal first and foremost. It is simply money in any currency and should you have any reservations about its intrinsic value, remember this: Central Banks value their own Fiat in weights and measure amongst themselves.

GOLD & Silver are increasingly going to become the direct mechanism for artificially inflating the 'Value' of Fiat Currency. It would not surprise me to see it emerge as the tool of choice for maintaining the illusion as long as possible.

In other words, simply put, welcome to the GOLD bubble.

A reader recently enquired as to why the book 'Debt and Delusion' was effectively out print as well as seemingly sold through a website that masked their IP address.

The answer was quite simple in my opinion.

'Debt and Delusion' has been place upon the banned book heap. In the New Economy there is little need for book burning; restricting supply and monitoring distribution is adequate.

The reader went so far as to contact Peter Warburton and ask him why via email. The response was telling. 'You would think...' was the reply, non-committal and free from conjecture.

Much in the same vein of the books presentation, the author merely represented the facts with an observation that was consistent.

Marshall Auerback is vastly underappreciated. His recent perspective on Oil is an excellent read. The conclusions are simple, direct and to the point. Conjecture remains a nonstarter.

For several years we have discussed the raging debate between Economists and the balance of the practical Universe. Art vs. Science as it were, whereby one has to observe those who do and those who teach, project and predict... I'll take those who do over those who do not the majority of the time when confronted.

There is no Plan B to remediate Peak Oil. I listen to the Geologists and what they are saying is quite simple: 'We are running out of cheap oil.'

It is that simple. When is certainly conjecture as it is dependent on many variables, but this event is certain. Economists are merely using artful conjecture, dismal assumptions based upon words and not actions, theory in principle that is untested.

Fast tracking a systematic view does not constitute 'the' answer, but 'an' answer, one of many possible outcomes along the path of Peak Oil's pandemic.

Everyone loses; some tend towards losing a great deal more, others far less. It is those with the most to lose, the greatest dependencies and wasteful habits who shall face the greatest adjustment.


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