How Small is the Gold Market Today?

By: Adrian Burridge | Fri, Mar 24, 2006
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One picture is worth a thousand words right? I ain't very artistic so I ask for your help in drawing me this picture.

Everybody is familiar with the Million Dollar Homepage. ( Right? On the website there is one million pixels.

If I drew you a picture called the Quadrillion dollar home page with each pixel representing 1 billion dollars and there were 1 million pixels like the above home page. (1 billion multipled by 1 million pixels equals 1 quadrillion). 1.5 quadrillion is the amount of derivatives traded every year in the world according to the 2005 statistics put out by the Bank for International Settlements (

  1. The Gold in inventory at the Nymex - 2.5 million eligible ounces would represent 1.4 pixels on the entire page.
  2. The Silver in inventory at the Nymex - 55 million eligible ounces would represent less than 1 pixel.

Remember the size of the gold market in comparison to the OTC derivatives market?

Notice 100 pixels have been sold. If each pixel represented $1 billion dollars - the entire website would be the size of the OTC derivatives market. The 100 pixels so far that have been sold would still be larger than the gold and silver markets worldwide.

(Long gold and silver at the time of writing).
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