Addendum: The Oil That Greases The Squeaky Wheel of Peak Oil

By: Rob Kirby | Fri, Jun 16, 2006
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The Oil That Greases The Squeaky Wheel of Peak Oil

Having received a couple of e-mails from folks claiming to know much more than myself about geology [which, by the way - is not hard to do] claiming that "it's all about sedimentary basins" and I'm simply not up to speed. I found this so comical, I would now like to share this with all you good folks. The passage below was from a reader who responded claiming to be a Ph.D. geologist:

"Sorry, but this is nonsense. There are very special geologic circumstances, large sedimentary basins in particular, that are conducive to large oil accumulations, and those simply don't occur to any great degree in the southern hemisphere. There's some possibility of oil on the broad South American continental shelf, of which the Falkland Islands are a high point. (The Argentines didn't want the Malvinas back because they wanted to herd sheep!) Other than that, though, there are few promising areas. That's just geology, and dark hints about Agendas by The Powers That Be simply demonstrate gross ignorance of both basic geologic data and of the geology of oil."

So, I would now like to present to the geologists and laypeople alike in the crowd - a map of the world's sedimentary basins:

World map of sedimentary basins

Most of the world's sedimentary basins have been identified. Onshore basins are shown in green; offshore basins are lavender. The brown contour represents 1000-m [3300-ft] water depth.



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