Stock Market Gurus In Saying "Stay Fully Invested" Are Leading Their Lemmings Off A Horrific Cliff

By: Jan Allen | Thu, Jun 22, 2006
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O Gullible Investor, Who Has Bewitched You That You Should Not Embrace The Truth?

Are you a gullible investor?

The Stock Market Gurus in saying "Stay Fully Invested" are leading their gullible lemmings off a horrific cliff. The Gurus are lacking objectivity.....they want to sell newsletters rather than give their readers sound advice.

Wise investors read the Cliff Notes.

Cliff Notes such as the one indicating that a grand super-cycle top has been reached.

And Cliff Notes such as these:

Dollar At A Juncture Point Again: Will Likely Fall From $86.50 on 6-13-2006

G-8 Hype At The End Of An Age dated 6-11-2006

Stags Leap dated 6-1-2006

Hyperinflation is imminent: the value of fiat based assets such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, and currencies will soon be worthless. Financial security is found in gold.

Gold has entered into a period of price stability after having risen parabolicaly Gold at $570/oz represents the last opportunity to buy gold before it rises again to $700, $800 and even beyond.

It is wise to own gold in physical form: this means one store in gold in a vault and store gold on one's property. Some have suggested a Gold ETF such as GLD or IAU; however, these ETFs not real assets. is a convenient service that purchases and stores one's gold. The Good Web Guide Review says: "An investment website for people to buy and sell gold bullion, which they own outright and is securely stored in professional vaults by Brinks. The website scores highly for being easy to read and being well-designed. It is clearly laid out for even an inexperienced user and the home page has links to detailed but simple instructions and FAQs." At its first review BullionVault was awarded the maximum rating of 5 stars.

One should also store gold on one's property: like buried under concrete where one, at a time of need, can physically dig it up and use it as necessary.



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