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By: Meridian | Mon, Oct 9, 2006
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For the week ending October 6th.

"The Islamic republic of Iran supports any effort by OPEC members to strengthen the oil market and return oil prices to an acceptable and logical level," .....

Any effort you say? Just what could this mean ? Is there a trading opportunity waiting to be unleashed on the heels of these carefully chosen, yet nebulous words?

China cozies up to Turkmenistan in a huge energy infrastructure deal. Chinese engineers also announce that they are nearing completion of their very own Strategic Petroleum Reserve. China is definitely the pace setter in the race to secure a supply of energy. As you fill up your SUV with gasoline made from imported Oil sourced from a politically unstable regime, think about China. There may be a hard lesson being sketched out for us here.

Russian hegemony. Game on. Vladimir Putin is a fox in politician's clothing. Watch the Sakhalin Island play. Beware of Mr. Putin and his agenda. A dark could on the horizon if there was one.

Nigeria heats up. MEND is determined to make things unravel at the seams.

President Bush says no more Oil into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Oil prices promptly plummet. Believe it or not there is an explanation for this perverse economic reaction.

CBM....CBM.....CBM.....get familiar with these 3 letters for you are about to hear more and more about them. Buried beneath 13% of the land in the lower 48 is a substance with direct ties to CBM. Traders and investors should take the time to learn more about this story. This week for subscribers to Energy Central, I offer a sweeping glance at 6 companies with a connection to CBM. Dorothy and Toto would be impressed. As for the Wizard of Oz, well he would also be impressed.

What does the Republic of Khazakstan have that the world so desperately needs? I answer this question this week for readers and unveil 2 stocks with huge potential that are both well placed to take advantage of this Khazakstan situation.

Crude Oil - Long Term

Natural Gas - Long Term

Crude Oil - Intermediate Term

RSI is telling us something here. This week for my subscribers I explain just what this is.

Natural Gas - Intermediate Term

A turn in the markets? Or is this just related to the recent Amaranth Hedge Fund blow-out? This week I explore this issue for my readers.

Energy is the lifeblood of any economy. While the average investor out there is busy diversifying his or her portfolio in accordance with Modern Portfolio Theory and what ever other mind numbing theories the investment industry can dream up, serious traders and investors are making money from energy stocks, options and futures.

Break free from the "group think" that so maliciously pervades the masses way of thinking. March to a different beat. Let Meridian and the Energy Central newsletter sound the drum for you. Energy is the future. Trading energy type investments is where the smart money is.

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