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By: Meridian | Mon, Oct 30, 2006
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The global Uranium supply is tight. This week it got even tighter on the news of a total disaster at an under-construction mine site owned by a Canadian firm that currently produces 20% of the world's Uranium. This week I update subscribers and explore ways to turn this unfortunate event into a money making opportunity.

Some say the world is awash in Oil. Some say otherwise. At Energy Central we fall into the "otherwise" category. This week Royal Dutch Shell provided us with yet another shred of evidence to support our position. Find out what Royal Dutch did this week.

This week I take a deeper look at what is happening in Venezuela.

This tough looking dude pictured above has made quite a mess of things in his country. But, not to worry. China has come to the rescue despite an ages old document called the Monroe Doctrine. China is wasting little time in throwing its weight around so as to establish energy security. After you read my write-up on China and Venezuela, the feeling of insecurity that will overcome you will be powerful indeed.

Like I have been saying - crazier than a rabid fox. This week our friend in Iran again stepped out of line and threatened to commission a 2nd nuclear enrichment plant. He is determined to push the envelope until it breaks. If he were anyone else, I would say ignore him. But his country is an oil producing exporter and a key factor in future Middle East politics.

Crude Oil - Long Term

Technically, the trend remains up on Crude, but only by the slimmest of margins. The price point of $56.55 is key. If it is violated, look out below. If we even spend too much time near this price level, look out below. I doubt that we will break the uptrend. Each week for my regular subscribers, I present evidence to support this thesis.

Natural Gas - Long Term

Technically, the long term uptrend on Natural Gas remains intact as well, even though it feels like we have been put through the proverbial meat grinder.

Crude Oil - Intermediate Term

Definitely some interesting price action being recorded here. This week, I take a closer look for my regular readers.

Natural Gas - Intermediate Term

What am I seeing here? This week I offer my technical appraisal for readers.

Also, don't forget that at Energy Central we do more than just write. We trade the markets too and share our positions with our readers. So far this year we are averaging a 9.5% gain on our trades and are sporting a 74% success rate on trades. Think about it. Just one of these trades will pay for your subscription costs to a year's worth of Energy Central.

Energy is the lifeblood of any economy. While the average investor out there is busy diversifying his or her portfolio in accordance with Modern Portfolio Theory and what ever other mind numbing theories the investment industry can dream up, serious traders and investors are making money from energy stocks, options and futures.

Break free from the "group think" that so maliciously pervades the masses way of thinking. March to a different beat. Let Meridian and the Energy Central newsletter sound the drum for you. Energy is the future. Trading energy type investments is where the smart money is.

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