The Age Of Financial Ruin Has Begun In Earnest

By: Jan Allen | Sun, Dec 3, 2006
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Stock charts reflect that the 'age of financial ruin' has begun in earnest.

It is an age when stocks, bonds and the dollar will become worthless. Gold has risen as the means of wealth accumulation and preservation.

The Charts

The derivative (SSO) which was used by investors to drive up the S&P failed today.

The DOW has given way: it was unable to break through its former support trend line.

Energy stocks may have peaked today as they rose less in value than did oil.

The Toronto Stock Exchange closed just barely up today manifesting a bearish hammer; this exchange has been a major means of financing mankind's search for oil, gas and prescious minerals.

The mutual fund BlackRock All-Cap Global Resources Inv C (BACCX) manifested a P&F Bear Trap Alert

The ETF (EFV) closed in a bearish engulfing pattern

The ETF (FXI) closed in an evening star pattern.

Real Estate investment mania as seen in (IYR) came to an abrupt stop

The chart of (WGO) manifested a bearish three white soldiers formation; an appropriate finish to the 'age of prosperity' where easy wealth and credit liquidity enabled people to purchase mobile homes for travel pleasure.

Mutual Fund American Century Target Mat 2025 Inv (BTTRX) which combines stocks and bonds completed a P&F Quadruple Top Alert

Internet stocks were off sharply today

D R Horton (DHI), America's Homebuilder manifested a bearish harami candlestick

The XAU index of gold mining stocks manifested a bearish harami but the chart of gold manifested only a downturn tick.

Shares of the Austrian stock market finished in manic outbreak

Tribute for the 'age of prosperity' where fiat wealth has been king goes to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME); its stock chart shows its peak as well as that of the stock market on November 22, 2006.

Permabear Tim Knight relates: Isn't It Epic?

The Age of Financial Ruin has now begun in earnest.

What has commenced is more than a stock market correction: November 22, 2006 established that the 'age of financial ruin' has begun in earnest -- the age of financial ruin commenced at roughly the Ides of May.

Financial security is found in gold and in gold alone. In late October 2006, a measurable 'investment demand for gold' arose; gold is displacing the 'fiat investments' of stocks as the means of wealth accumulation preservation.

The 'investment demand for gold' is reflected in these charts:

Strengthening $GOLD relative to $GNX (Continuous Gold:Goldman Sachs Commodity Index) .........1.348 on 10-23-2006.

Strengthening GLD relative to DBC (Gold ETF: Commodity ETF)..........2.482 on 9-28-2006

Strengthening GLD relative to SPY (Gold ETF:S&P ETF)..........0.448 on 9-28-2006

Strengthening GLD relative To DIA (Gold ETF: Dow ETF)..........0.48 on 10-6-2006

Strengthening $Gold relative to $Copper ($GOLD:$COPPER)..........1.76 on 9-28-2006

Strong $GOLD relativle to the $USD ($GOLD:$USD)..........that is a ratio of 6.2 to 6.5

Strong $Gold relative to West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil $WTIC ($GOLD:$WTIC).........that is a ratio of 8.86 to 9.72

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