August Again? See the Future

By: Boris Chikvashvili | Sat, Mar 10, 2007
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What is seen here is the quantum energy function of the SPX future. This is a proprietary function based on the principles of Quantum Physics.

We believe that Yen carry trade is not completely unraveled yet and it will produce retest of the recent lows, which would on April 7, neatly correspond to the lows on the chart. Then we will have then the rally back into early May, just like in 2006 and then down into August. Looks like the creator wants to repeat the play of the last year. So, be ready.

- 12800 represents a multi decade wall for DJI ( regardless of the money thrown at it ).
- Gold will follow similar scenario, and depending on the relative strength of GOLD we will know if it is
going to 900 or 500. Silver lagging the GOLD...
- Interest rates Higher into May, at least- Dollar down into May and then a zig zag down into the end of 2007

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