Sorry To Blow Your $u$$le, Ringing The Bell

By: Boris Chikvashvili | Sun, May 6, 2007
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If you do not see this picture very clearly, please visit and see the article "Sorry To Blow Your $u$$le". Please note, in this picture I took a freedom to insert SPX readings for next 5 days, including the record, reading of 1550 on May 10.

The Pictures above display the fractal equivalence between SPX 2000 - NIKKEY 1990
Needless to say, it depicts uneasy picture for anybody who really cares for USA and it's citizens and their future. Count this citizen among them. That is the reason I write and write free, to help you understand where we are in these convoluted times, where everything has been redefined/mutilated to hide the true nature of the era.

There is no need to spend too much time on my ideas, just see them in the archives of this site and/or You will notice that every article is fitting into this one, as a piece of puzzle, that lead to the following conclusions, my first ever article "it is the Dollar Stupid" stipulated that the "REAL TOP" will come in early 2007. Be it Currencies, Gold , Energy , Bonds and/or the Stocks the premise was/is that they are all intertwined and analyzing them separately is Foolish or Boolish.

I do not believe I am finally writing the words, while always stuck to numbers, I cannot help but be talkative today. I want you to understand, for whatever reasons this world has been (re)designed to keep us in the rat race, which will prevent us from even indulging in understanding/searching for true nature around us.

We get hundreds of books written on randomness by academics who by design or foolishness want to tell us that we cannot/should not understand markets. Just keep your hard earned money in $ and preferably in stocks/bonds/housing. Yes, sometime these are all excellent assets to be in. I am afraid, this not the case now and will not be for next 3-6 years.

I wrote more than I want to write one time. "Long Words Can Be Expressed In Short", that is what Shota Rustaveli wrote in 12th Century. If you desire to awaken to the reality surroundings us, then join us at and we will show you the "Yellow Brick Road" (we already have shown part of it in archived article August Again) to the scientific and honest approach to your finances and security of your future. We have no desire to make money on you, or grind ax. We just think that that is the way the world should be. Others can do as they please. Our mission is to educate and help those who want to be helped.

Please understand that I benefited from every society I lived in from USSR/ISRAEL/USA etc. but there seems to be something missing in this world and it is the help to those who need it most, who I may have been at some point. Making money beyond the basic comforts has/is/will always come at the expense of others, perhaps those most in need. Printing money is the most unpalatable among the processes that make it possible to do just that.

Now you understand why lowering $ is not a happy process for me

Why is it impossible for people to compete on even grounds is beyond me.

In short:
$ - bottom May ( June at the most ) stronger into September.

Stocks - Top May initial bottom August

Gold - sideways with a down slant into June
Energy - Ditto Gold.
Interest Rates - bracketed by two suicidal maniacs, $ & Housing. (4.25 - 5 10 year)

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Remember I give free, cause the great Georgian 12th Century Poet /Philosopher, Shota Rustaveli instructed us so in his statement:

"You Find What You Give, All Else Is Lost".



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