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By: Boris Chikvashvili | Sun, Jul 15, 2007
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Few weeks have passed from our last publication at safehaven. April 2007
We predicted then the top in "REAL" SPX. That is still holding
We predicted then GOLD meandering lower until June/July. So precise
We predicted $US to end up higher in Sep 2007, hysteria, notwithstanding, stand by it
We predicted TNX within 4.25, 510. OK, so far

Now what?

-GOLD Bottomed early July, We wrote on our site, could be you last chance to buy it. I have even published my own account picture, depicting the purchase date and amount.

-$US while I have underestimated volatility and hysteria, exerted by $US bears, I do not budge from the original prediction. In Sep we will be higher and 78-81 must/will hold till then

-TNX (Interest Rates), we have a chance of hitting 5.55-5.65, but we advised for 50% of fixed income investments to be made at 5.25, and 5.35, which we did. ( only 2-3 year durations)

-SPX, amount of the money sloshing world is mind-boggling until that dissipates I remain relative bear (SPX in constant Dollars) and reluctant Absolute Bull (SPX in $US). But we are swingers (swing traders, for us trend means 3-4 days (: J :) That is why we will never be trapped at the top or bottom.

You will find the BUY AND SELL SIGNALS, GROUPSTRENGTH table/charts and pressure gages all free at daily. Not in this for money.

Please find FREE projections for any security, real time, any time at our site.
We give it FREE, cause Shota Rustaveli, great 10th century Georgian poet and philosopher said.

You find what you give, all else is lost.

Tail of One Stock

SOPTIALISM - Socialism For Rich, practiced in the world today.
INFLIETION - Inflation, that is a lie.
These words, from our vocabulary (search Vocabulary at )

OK the world system has morphed into what we refer to, as SOPITALISM. That simply means that governments and business of the world got so closely aligned that they are in a position to treat the workers as slaves. And the method of enslavement is the printing machine. More money sloshing the world more of it goes to rich and devastates poor and (near) retired.

Mutation of COMMUNISTS into SOPITALISTS has been so perfect that only people that could notice it are Russian retirees whose $10 Ruble/Month pension used to buy ~100 loafs of bread in 1980 and can only buy about one today.

Unfortunately this INFLIETION is so talked down, but rampant that western workers/retirees are about to embark on the same road as their Russian counterparts. We in USA are now governed by dynasty, of BUSHES and CLINTONS, for almost 25 years and SOPTIALIST media dominated by BLOOMBERG/FOX/CNBC and others is spewing the propaganda to prolong the feasting of "wall street" at the expense of a little guy.

The only problem is that a little guy has grown up, capable to add and subtract and finds that the "Great Economy", "Great Consumer" and "Great Wealth" does not add up for him/her.

One look at the chart above shows how Americans are supposed to view the world and how enlightened Swiss are doing it. I hope you can see what I see.

Which Economy is great, Wall Street?
Which Consumer is great, Sacks 5th Ave?
What Wealth? Can you measure it real Dollars?

Very few want to ask these questions. But it makes me feel like me lumped into the average consumer is like me being lumped into the average height of two people Shaq and Boris. It is around 7 foot, but I am not THAT toll... Thanks Mr. O'neil for making me look so good.

Look Perot was right nobody believed him. DEMS were bought , by internationalists and so were the REPS.

None of us are stupid and we understand that fat life and promised lies can only be corrected, via $Us being depreciated and making us more competitive again. But it does not have to be done via making rich even more so. That is the real problem.

So, stop sleepwalking and tell your congressperson to shape up or shape out or risk ending up like your Russian Comrades have ended up.

End one last, but beautiful thing I need to get off my chest.

Anytime BOOL comes up on TV/Media and says, TAX deduction is good for economy, ask them, when was the last time TAX deduction was done with Spending Deduction at once? BOOOOO... Not that Tax Deduction is bad. It is great, but not when it is used as euphemism for redistributing wealth to rich... GOT THAT?

And Read My lips: "taxes have been raised" on poor. Their Payroll tax deductions have been eaten up by "OIL TAX RAISE" Hahaha... Finally, somebody wrote this Hahaha.

GAS TAX is a killer for a low income family, it is not even noticeable for rich.
Do not trust DEMS either. REMEMBER CLINTON sold you to NAFTA?

Once again, with all my heart, I have accepted globalization (it was easier since I understand 9 languages, which does not include computer languages), but when it got abused, the way it is today, it is a shame... And one of us is in China praying they will buy our mortgages. Where is our pride fellow Americans?



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