Gold and Silver: Is the Correction Over

By: Douglas V. Gnazzo | Mon, Nov 19, 2007
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Honest Money Gold & Silver Report

Gold & Silver

Is the Correction Over


Gold fell $47.40 for the week, closing at $787.30 for a loss of -5.68%, none of which should come as surprise to readers of this report, as we had surmised last week that gold was overbought and ripe for a respite.

Even the strongest of bull markets must rest and consolidate their gains - if they didn't they wouldn't be sustainable.

Gold is no different and so it has shown. The charts below provide the most likely levels of support. As always there are no guarantees - only probabilities.

The bottom is not falling out beneath gold - bequeathing it to the abyss below, this is more likely the pause that refreshes. First up is the weekly chart that has the parabolic sars indicator affixed.

This indicator is most useful when prices have gone parabolic or straight up in an almost rocket-like direction - one that is not sustainable for any extended period of time, and hence ripe for a correction.

The price indicated is $766.60 - a little over $20 dollars below the current price ($787.30).

The second chart above is a daily price chart. Its bottom trend line offers the first support level at $783.00, which gold has so far bounced off of, and presently resides just above.

Also, on the chart are the various fib retracement levels. The "box" that is between approximately $750 - $725 represents the 50-60% fib numbers. This is the most probable area where support will be found.

It may come higher, it may come lower - this is simply the most probable. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If there was a full proof system everyone would be using it, which would render it not so full proof.


Silver fell $1.09 closing the week out at $14.46 for a significant -7.01% decline.

As the chart below shows, silver has closed beneath what had become resistance turned support, but is not support turned to resistance.

RSI has turned down as well. The middle Bollinger Band at $13.35 offers the first line of major support.

Below is the daily chart of the Silver ETF.

First, notice the large gap down in price. Gaps tend to get filled - not always, but usually; and of course there is the question of when.

Price has already dropped to the middle Bollinger Band, which may be all she wrote, or it may drop further to the bottom line.

Histograms have gone negative, MACD has put in a negative cross, however, volume lightened up considerably on the decline. The last statistic I like.

Hui Index

The Hui dropped a large 29.88 points closing the week out at $412.04 for a loss of -6.76%. This was about 1% more than physical gold fell, which is a slight positive divergence. I wouldn't bet the farm on it, but it is what it is.

Price is fast approaching support that would be good to see hold, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Maybe - maybe not. We shall see soon enough.

RSI bounced off of overhead resistance at around the 70 level and is headed down. STO has put in a negative cross over. There is a lot of support between 375 - 325 going back well over a year.

The 20 ema is at 385.76 and has provided pretty good support just above and below.

Below is the daily chart that shows the bottom trend line has already been broken through. This suggests that there is probably more to come.

The fib retracement levels have been affixed, and the "box" that represents the most probable zone is between approximately 375 - 350. Could be more - could be less.


There is not much one can say concerning the subprime debt debacle and the toxic exposure from years of wanton usury. It was known thousands of years ago what the ramifications would be.

"If you lend money to any of my people who are poor among you, you shall not be like a moneylender to him; you shall not charge him interest."

We are only just beginning to see the retribution of the scourge of paper fiat debt-money, which coils back upon itself like a serpent devouring itself.

In previous editions, personal financial safety measures have been outlined - they should be revisited, and put into affect. The warning signs to watch for have also been given, but will be repeated here again:

Expect volatility in the markets as players trade on emotions of fear and greed, fed by adrenaline. It appears that several markets are ripe for a change, so be prepared.

See the market indicator table below and the gold stock portfolio for this week's changes. Good luck, good trading, good health, and that's a wrap.


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PRICE - 11/08/07



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Kinross Gold


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Harmony Gold


$11.45 = -12%

Silver Wheaton


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Coeur D Alene


$4.42 = 20%

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$7.11 = 44%

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$9.71 = 26%



$37.40 = 58%



Douglas V. Gnazzo

Author: Douglas V. Gnazzo

Douglas V. Gnazzo
Honest Money Gold & Silver Report

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