Nov 2007 Returns

By: | Fri, Nov 30, 2007
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Every month, I publicly review my personal trading returns, in addition to posting my trades as, or before, I place them. Currently my trades are roughly in line with the Rotational plan, differing very slightly in portfolio weighting in occasionally in date of initiation. I will review the returns of Rotational, and the other trading plans, on four-week intervals, rather than at month-end.

These are my returns for November 2007.

November Return: -6.6%
3 month Return: 10.1%
6 month Return: 9.6%
12 month Return: 12.2%
Year to Date Return: 10.7%
Inception Return: 54.0%
Annualized Return Since Inception: 17.6%

These are my current personal positions, along with portfolio weight, as of Friday, November 30, 2007.

Australia (EWA) 9.7%
Brazil (EWZ) 9.5%
Canadian Dollar (FXC) 9.5%
China (FXI) 10.3%
Hong Kong (EWH) 10.4%
India (INP) 11.0%
Materials, Gold Miners (GDX) 9.6%
Materials, Steel (SLX) 10.3%
Oil (USO) 9.8%
Treasuries 20+ Yrs (TLT) 9.9%

I'm holding NO cash. Although I had planned to have about a half percent or so in cash, "slippage" (difference between the price I wanted and the price I got) moved me very slightly into margin. I am approximately 100.25% long.



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