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By: Boris Chikvashvili | Sat, Dec 22, 2007
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Welcome to the New Year 2008. May this year be prosperous and peaceful for USA and all freedom loving people on the earth.


Below is the picture of actual performance of Our YELLOW BRICK ROAD prediction published first in May and then augmented to 3/2008 in August. Needless to say performance of this type was hardly expected when I first published the forecast. We have done even better by fine-tuning this with the MDS(Million Dollar System) and Market Pressure Summation index generated BUY and SELL signals. See Safe Haven | October 21 Again? For extended forecast into 3/2008.

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In an article Safe Haven | Sorry To Blow Your $u$$le, Ringing The Bell We predicted that Soon the SPX will rise few more points and will hit the REAL ( Deflated SPX) top. Well, look at the picture and judge yourself. That Top is still in place.

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Knowing we can not possibly top this one, we get the courage to remind you of our other less important calls in 2006 and 2007.


Safe Haven | Biggest Bank Heist, Dreams Come True For the Best from 11/2006 professed that BKX will top around 122 and it did so FEB 2007, having , two months ago, forecast that near term bottom is around 85.85 ( hit 87.05 couple days ago).


2006 Dec Call For SHEKEL to reach 3.78 by Passover 2008. We just saw the reading of 3.82 in Nov and there is still time to perhaps see 3.78 or lower search SHEKEL at http://borisc.blogspot.com.


We forecast to bottom at the break of JUNE/JULY 2007 Safe Haven | SOPITAL, Tail Of One Stock we said "this could be your last chance to buy GOLD". Needless to say it was prophetic call as well with gold at $600 or so. Now we got a bit nervous about GOLD in Nov(advised to sell above 850) and stayed out till couple days ago when we advised to load up again with close stops. Frankly, now that everybody is becoming bull, we do not expect the GOLD bull to last long after new Year. For a Jan/Feb top stay tuned.


We shouted for FIXED income investors to buy intermediate term BONDS with 10YR Treasuries around 5.25 - 5.30. See http://borisc.blogspot.com Well, the rest as they say is history. We suggested that with the stocks market move up BONDS will take a hit now, but Still believe they could go higher into mid 2008 and sell-off after that.


We Repeatedly, for more than six months ahead, predicted at www.safehaven.com and http://borisc.blogspot.com, that $US was in trouble come September. Well, it lost close to 11% by the bottom time in NOV! Our forecast called for a low late Dec at 74.xx, but this intermediate rally came earlier in time ( exact in price ) and proved larger ( by 1-2% than we forecast), Which only proves our long term advocated forecast, that $US could be higher into 2009... Not straight up though!

Frankly, we are as surprised with our good fortune as you are. Who is this guy people are asking and I myself do not know, how I transformed myself from Scientific personality to market "GURU" not me, it is YELLOWBRICKROAD a new GURU in town. Sometimes I think, that either me and/or my ancestors have made sizable deposits in GOD's bank...

In any case, while I have many complains in all directions, I will refrain from them at this festive time and only repeat my best wishes to all readers and request them to spread the following:

We are http://borisc.blogspot.com are dedicated to helping you , "little guy" understand how the investment world works and will answer any questions FREE related to the financial markets. Why? Cause as SHOTA RUSTAVELY Great Georgian, 12 Century Poet and Philosopher said:

"You Find What You Give, All Else Is Lost"



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