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By: | Sun, Apr 13, 2008
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Last week, I mentioned in the comments at The Rempel Report that I would be switching the system that I follow for my personal trades, moving from Rotational to Aggressive. I believe that, over the longer term, I'm more likely to achieve my personal absolute return benchmarks having made this switch. While Rotational has advantages over Aggressive, such as scalability, lower turnover, and probable tax efficiency, for my account size those advantages don't mean as much as they will in a decade or so.

All moves are market at open on Monday.

These are my current positions and weights, they will all be sold.
Agriculture (DBA) - 10.7%
Brazil (EWZ) - 10%
Swiss Franc (FXF) - 9.0%
Gold Miners (GDX) - 9.0%
Gold (GLD) - 11.0%
Treasuries 7-10 Yr (IEF) - 8.9%
Silver (SLV) - 9.2%
Steel (SLX) - 9.5%
Oil (USO) - 12.8%
Metals & Mining (XME) - 9.4%
Cash - 0.5%

I will grab 10% weights in the following stocks,
American Physicians (AMPH)
Compton Petroleum Co (CMZ)
Gencor Industries In (GENC)
Koppers Holdings Inc (KOP)
Olympic Steel, Inc. (ZEUS)
Patterson-Uti Energy (PTEN)
Quaker Chem Cp (KWR)
Tecumseh Products Co (TECUA)

I will grab a 20% weight in Fairfax Finl Hld Sub (FFH).

For more reference on the stocks selected, see my recent post on the Aggressive system.

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