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Smart People Worry, Really Smart People Worry Logically and Unemotionally

By: Ian Campbell | Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Read: Because what is said is worth thinking about in order to determine what part of what is said you agree with and deal in a logical and unemotional way with going forward.

Featured Article and MP3: Celente - It's Absolutely Terrifying Where Society Is Headed On April 16 King World News interviewed Gerald Celente, founder of Trends Research. Interpreting what is said at a high level, the article and MP3 speak to the slow, creeping way obvious and not so obvious changes can occur in societies, and how one can wake up one morning and find the their world to be a different place than they perceived it to be the night before.

My Comments: As I read and listened to Mr. Celente, for me the phenomenon he discusses is nothing more or less than continual societal change where there can be more net positives, or alternately more net negatives in any given period of time - where some of those changes are more subtle than obvious, and some are more obvious than subtle.

One again, for many developed country 'Main Streets' there currently seem to be more 'net macro-economic negatives'. Hence everyone ought to be as informed as they possibly can be with respect to important macro-economic drivers including (to name but three):

Many people either don't focus on these things because they adopt one or more of the following attitudes:

At a high level, things aren't all that complicated. What happens in concept and practice at a personal level likewise happens in concept and practice at a country, government (all levels), and individual level:

Think hard about the title of this Commentary. It comes from the mouth of a smart Industrial Psychologist friend who, in the aftermath of a 'very bad day at the office' told me: "you can't imagine how many emotionally mixed-up, very high IQ people are out there flipping hamburgers".


Author: Ian Campbell

Ian R. Campbell, FCA, FCBV
Business Transition Simplified

Through his website and his Business Transition & Valuation Review newsletter Ian R. Campbell shares his perspectives on business transition, business valuation and world economic and financial markets influences on those two topics. A recognized business valuation and transition authority, he founded Toronto based Campbell Valuation Partners Limited (1976). He currently is working to bring his business valuation and transition experience to both business owners and their advisors in our new economic, business and financial markets normal.

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