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IBEX a Potential Long Term EWP

By: TheWaveTrading | Thursday, June 28, 2012

The following brief analysis has the intention to establish the EWP that price has unfolded since the November 2007 top and to set the potential future course.

The cardinal idea is that price is unfolding a Double Zig Zag = (ABC=W; X; ABC=Y)

From the 2007 top we can segregate the pattern into 3 sequences:

The projected equality extension target for the wave (Y) is at a "bloodcurdling" 2902

Wave at 2902
Larger Image

In the following weekly chart I have labeled the assumed Triple Zig Zag that will establish the bottom of the wave (A) of the larger time frame Double Zig Zag

Wave at 2902
Larger Image

If this count is correct price has established the wave (A) of the third Zig Zag, hence now price is involved in a countertrend wave (B) rebound.

So far, even though price has almost reached the 0.382 retracement I would not rule out a higher target in the range of the 20 w MA / 0.5 retracement.

Once the wave (B) is in place an impulsive wave (C) down should establish a multi week/month bottom.


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