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Hugh Hendry Uncertainty Trade

By: readtheticker | Sunday, November 4, 2012
Hugh Hendry

Investor Hugh Hendry is setting up his clients for future uncertainty.

Source: Hugh Hendry: "I Have No Idea Where The Stock Market Is Going To Be"...

Hugh Hendry is LONG gold and SHORT SP500.


"I have resigned from the professional undertaking of coin flipping. I am not here to tell you where gold's going to be. I have no idea. That's my existentialism. I am a student of uncertainty, I have no idea where the stock market is going to be. So when I am creating trades in my portfolio for my clients, I am agnostic. I just want to enhance the probability that I make money come what may."

COMMENTS: He does not care where Gold or SP500 will be next week or next year. But you can bet he does care were the Gold ratio to SP500 (GLD::SPY ratio format) will be in the months ahead. Hugh didn't make clear, after all the price must go up for Hugh to profit.

NOTE: GLD divided by SPY assumes a 1 to 1 value relationship.

Gold versus SPY


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