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U.S. Government Debt Monetization

By: Michael Pollaro | Friday, January 18, 2013

The Contrarian Take offers up a concise quarterly accounting of Federal Reserve, Foreign Central and US Bank purchases (monetization) of U.S. government debt...


U.S. Government Debt Monetization, September 2012

The Federal Reserve buys or monetizes US government debt - US Treasury and Agency securities, the latter representing the now unconditionally government-guaranteed debt of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - simply by writing a check on itself...

Treasury & Agency (T&A) Debt Monetized by Fed
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Foreign Central Banks monetize US government debt too, buying US dollars by printing their own currencies with which to do it; then, turning around and promptly parking those dollars in US Treasury and Agency securities...

T&A Debt Monetized by Foreign Central Banks
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The combined monetization activities of the Federal Reserve and Foreign Central Banks are...

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Author: Michael Pollaro

Michael Pollaro

Michael Pollaro

Michael Pollaro is a retired Investment Banking professional, most recently Chief Operating Officer for the Bank's Cash Equity Trading Division. He is a passionate free market economist in the Austrian School tradition, a great admirer of the US founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and a private investor.

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