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U.S. Government Finances

By: Michael Pollaro | Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Contrarian Take offers a concise monthly accounting of the U.S. government's financial position and burden on the U.S. economy...

U.S. Government Finances, December 2012

Operating Budget...

US Government Receipts and Outlays

Debt Footings...

US Gross Treasury Debt

US Public Held Treasury Debt

Coverage Ratios...

US Government Coverage Ratios

US Government Coverage Ratios

For more charts showing "Burden on US Economy" continue to The Contrarian Take.


Author: Michael Pollaro

Michael Pollaro

Michael Pollaro

Michael Pollaro is a retired Investment Banking professional, most recently Chief Operating Officer for the Bank's Cash Equity Trading Division. He is a passionate free market economist in the Austrian School tradition, a great admirer of the US founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and a private investor.

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