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On Script

By: Erik Swarts | Thursday, February 14, 2013

The euro appears to be following the mirrored pivot glide-path from this weekend (see Here). Going forward, we will be looking for downside momentum to become entangled around the bottom rail (e.g. stochastics & RSI).

A Mirrored Pivot 2011 Euro vs 2013 Euro (Daily)
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The window in the diminished correlation extreme between the Australian dollar and gold appears to be resolving (from last week, see Here). We maintain the bearish expectations of long-term breakdowns in both the Aussie as well as gold - as the respective pivots in this long-term relationship once again tighten.

Australian $ vs Gold (GLD)
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Silver continues to follow the unwind of 1991/1992 Nikkei comparative. Interestingly, it has taken its time since the last pivot and has aligned with the seasonality of the pattern. Should the comparative continue to be prescient, the lows from early January will be broken shortly.

1991 Nikkei vs 2013 Silver
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Author: Erik Swarts

Erik Swarts
Market Anthropology

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I am not a stock picker - but trade the broader market itself in varying timeframes. I want to know which way the prevailing wind is blowing, where the doldrums can be expected and where the shoals will likely rise. I will not claim to know which vessel is the fastest or most comfortable for passage - but I can read the charts and know the risks.

I am not a salesperson for the market and its many wares. I observe it, contextualize its moving parts - both visible and discrete - and interpret.

I practice Market Anthropology - Welcome to my notes.

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